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How to Find the Right Veterinary Technician School near Somerset Ohio

Somerset OH vet tech diagnosing puppyRealizing your lifelong dream of working with and caring for pets by enrolling in a vet tech college near Somerset OH may at first feel like a challenging task. After all, you need to find and enroll in a program that will furnish the proper training to ensure that you can succeed as a vet tech. But just how do you go about evaluating and contrasting colleges so that you can make the ideal selection? Many future students start their due diligence process by searching for colleges that are close to their homes. After they have located some nearby colleges, they ascertain which ones have the lowest tuition and focus on those. Although expense and location are significant concerns when comparing vet technician schools, they are not the only significant ones when making your assessments. Qualifiers such as accreditation and internship programs should be looked into also. The point is that there are questions you should be asking the vet tech schools you are considering before you make an ultimate decision. We have provided several in this article to help get you started, but before we review them we’ll explore the varied duties of veterinary technicians and the training alternatives available.

The Responsibilities of a Veterinary Technician in Somerset OH 

cat with cone after surgery in Somerset OHAmong the initial decisions that you will have to make is if you wish to train as a veterinary technician, assistant or technologist. Part of your preference may be dependent on the amount of time and money that you have to commit to your education, but the principal factor will undoubtedly be which specialization interests you the most. What techs and assistants share in common is that they all work under the immediate supervision of a practicing and licensed veterinarian. And while there are numerous tasks that they can perform within the Somerset OH veterinary practice or hospital, they can’t prescribe medicines, diagnose conditions, or perform surgeries. In those areas they may only provide support to a licensed vet. There are technicians and technologists that work away from the conventional vet practice, for instance for zoos, animal shelters or police departments. Let’s take a look at the responsibilities and education prerequisites for each specialization.

  • Vet Assistants in the majority of cases will have completed a structured training program, either as an apprentice or intern in a practice, or by completing a certificate program at a vocational school or community college. As the name implies, their job function is to assist the veterinarians and vet technicians in the completion of their duties. Generally they are not associated with more complicated tasks, for example assisting with surgical procedures. A few of their regular responsibilities may include working at the front desk, preparing and cleaning examination rooms and equipment, or handling animals during exams.
  • Vet Technicians get more advanced training compared to assistants and generally obtain a 2 year Associate Degree, preferably from an American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) accredited program. They are in a sense the veterinary counterparts of medical nurses, since their basic job duty is to assist veterinarians with diagnosing and treating animal patients. Where they stand apart from veterinary assistants is that they are engaged in more involved duties, for instance assisting with surgeries or administering medicine. All states currently mandate that veterinary technicians pass a credentialing examination for either licensing, registration or certification.
  • Vet Technologists are similar to veterinary techs and basically perform the same work functions. They are required to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in veterinary technology, which generally requires 4 years to complete. Therefore the only real distinction between a vet technician and a technologist is the technologist’s higher level of education. But with an advanced degree comes more career options, higher salaries and possible management positions. They are additionally mandated to pass a credentialing examination for either licensing, registration or certification.

Vet technicians and technologists may specialize in areas such as internal medicine, anesthesia or urgent care. A number may receive certification from the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) to work in  Somerset OH laboratories or research facilities as well.

Vet Tech Online Schools Offered in Somerset

student attending online vet tech school in Somerset OHAn alternative that might be a solution for those with a hectic lifestyle or who are working full time while going to veterinarian school is to enroll in an online program. Since the classes are provided via the internet, students can study on their own timetable wherever a computer is accessible. The curriculum is taught using several methods, including slide shows, videos and live streaming webinars. And since the majority of veterinary technician and technologist degrees require clinical training, that segment can normally be fulfilled as an internship or work study program at a local Somerset OH veterinary practice or hospital. Distance learning, as it is also called, may in many instances reduce the cost of your education. Tuition and ancillary expenses, for example for travel and study supplies, may be lower compared to more standard classroom programs. Just make sure that the program that you select is accredited, either by the AVMA or another nationally certified accrediting organization. With the online classes and the clinical training, everything is provided for a comprehensive education. So if you are dedicated enough to learn in this more self-reliant manner, an online vet tech school may be the ideal option for you.

What to Ask Somerset OH Veterinary Technician Colleges

Questions to ask Somerset OH vet tech schoolsAt this point you should have selected which veterinary degree that you would like to earn, and if you want to study online or attend a college on campus. Since there are an abundance of vet community colleges, vocational and trade schools in the Somerset OH area as well as across the United States, you should ask some qualifying questions in order to narrow down your list of options. As we pointed out in our opening, many future students start by focusing on location and the cost of tuition. But we have already touched on other significant qualifiers, such as internship programs and accreditation. And naturally you need to select a college that offers the degree and specialty that you would like to earn. These and other factors are covered in the checklist of questions that you should ask the veterinary technician colleges that you are considering.

Is the Veterinary Program Accredited?  It’s imperative that you verify that the veterinary technician college you choose is accredited by a regional or national accrediting agency. As earlier discussed, one of the most highly regarded is the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Trade schools and colleges that are accredited by the AVMA have gone through a thorough screening process that ensures you will obtain a quality education. Also, accreditation is essential if you are requesting a student loan or financial aid, since numerous programs are not available for non-accredited schools. And finally, having a certificate or degree from an accredited school is often a requirement for employment for a number of Somerset OH area veterinarian clinics and hospitals.

What is the School’s Reputation?  The vet trade school or college and program you choose should have an excellent reputation within the vet community. You can initiate your due diligence by asking the colleges you are looking at for references from the employers in their job placement network. Other suggestions include checking with online school ranking websites and contacting the school’s accrediting agencies as well. You can ask the Ohio school licensing department if there have been any grievances or infractions involving your targeted schools. As a final pointer, phone some Somerset OH veterinarians that you might wish to work for after you get your training. Ask what they think of your school choices. They may even recommend one or more schools not on your list.

Are Internships Offered?  The best way to obtain clinical hands on training as a vet tech is to work in a professional environment. Find out if the colleges you are considering have internship programs arranged with Somerset OH veterinarians, vet clinics or hospitals. Almost all veterinary medicine programs mandate practical training and a large number provide it by means of internships. Not only will the experience be valuable regarding the practical training, but an internship may also help develop relationships in the local veterinarian community and help in the search for employment after graduation.

Is there a Job Assistance Program?  Searching for a job after graduating from a veterinary technician program may be difficult without the assistance of a job placement program. To begin with, find out what the graduation rates are for the programs you are evaluating. A low rate might indicate that the teachers were unqualified to teach the course of study or that some students were dissatisfied with the program and dropped out. Next, check that the colleges have a job placement program and ask what their placement rates are. A high placement rate could mean that the school has an exceptional reputation within the Somerset OH vet community and has a substantial network of contacts for student placements. A low rate may mean that the training is not highly thought of by employers or that the job placement program is ineffective at placing students.

How Large are the Classes?  If the classes are larger sized, you most likely will receive little or no individualized instruction from the teachers. Request from the Somerset OH schools you are looking at what their class teacher to student ratios are. You may also decide to participate in a few classes (if practical) to observe the interaction between students and teachers. Get evaluations from students relating to the quality of instruction. Also, speak with the instructors and find out what their backgrounds are as well as their methods of teaching.

Where is the College Located?  Yes, we previously covered location, but there are several more points to consider on the topic. If you are planning to commute to your vet tech classes from your Somerset OH home, you need to confirm that the driving time fits into your schedule. For instance, driving during the weekend to investigate the route won’t be the same as the commute during rush hour traffic, particularly if the campus is located in or near a large city. In addition, if you do opt to attend a school in another state or even outside of your County of residence, there may be higher tuition costs especially for state and community colleges. On the other hand, attending online classes might be an alternative that will give you more flexibility and minimize the necessity for travel.

Do the Classes Fit Your Schedule?  And finally, it’s important that you ascertain if the veterinarian programs you are evaluating offer class times flexible enough to accommodate your schedule. For instance, many students continue working full time and can only go to classes on the weekends or at night near Somerset OH. Others may only be able to attend class in the morning or in the afternoon. Confirm that the class times you require are available prior to enrolling. Also, determine if you can make-up classes that you might miss because of work, illness or family issues. You might find that an online program is the ideal solution to fit your veterinary training into your busy life.

Enrolling in a Vet Tech School near Somerset OH?

If you have decided to attend a Veterinary Technician Program in the Somerset Ohio area, then you may find the following information about the location of your school campus interesting and informing.

Somerset, Ohio

The village of Somerset was established in 1810 by settlers from Somerset, Pennsylvania at the spot on Zane's Trace located midway between Lancaster and Zanesville.[6] Seven years later, parts of Fairfield, Muskingum, and Washington counties were merged to create Perry County, and the house of a Somerset resident was named the first temporary courthouse.[7]:83 In 1819, the county government arranged for the erection of a purpose-built courthouse in Somerset; while most of the building was used for a jail, it also included a courtroom and space for some county offices. Ten years later, a permanent courthouse was constructed on the village's public square.[7]:133

As the village of New Lexington grew in importance, its residents began to agitate for the county seat to be moved to their community. From 1851 to 1859, the state legislature passed three separate laws to permit the county seat to be moved; contentious elections and a decision by the Supreme Court of Ohio saw the county seat move to New Lexington, back to Somerset, and finally back to New Lexington.[8] After it ceased to be used as a courthouse, the building was leased to Somerset for use as its village hall.[9]

As of the census[3] of 2010, there were 1,481 people, 613 households, and 354 families residing in the village. The population density was 1,276.7 inhabitants per square mile (492.9/km2). There were 673 housing units at an average density of 580.2 per square mile (224.0/km2). The racial makeup of the village was 98.3% White, 0.3% African American, 0.1% Asian, 0.1% Pacific Islander, 0.1% from other races, and 1.1% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 0.6% of the population.

Select the Best Veterinary Technician School near Somerset OH

Somerset OH vet tech holding dogEnrolling in the right veterinary technician program is a critical first step to beginning a gratifying career delivering care and treatment for animals. Future students considering veterinary technician schools need to make their decision based on several key issues. Veterinary technicians and technologists are employed in vet clinics, animal hospitals and animal shelters. They typically handle administrative responsibilities and assist the veterinarian with the animal patients when needed. As we have discussed, it’s imperative that you enroll in a veterinary medicine program that is both accredited and has an outstanding reputation within the field. This goes for vet tech online colleges as well. By asking the questions provided in our checklist for assessing schools, you will be able to narrow down your choices so that you can make your final decision. And by picking the right school, you can reach your goal of becoming a vet tech in Somerset OH.

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